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RHS Malvern Spring Festival

11th - 14th May 2017 - 46 days to go!

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

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Celebrity Guests

Trade Stands


Acorn Trees and Shrubs

Tel: 07976 807510

Avon Bulbs Ltd

Bulbs and bulbous plants

Tel: 01460 242177

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Bloms Bulbs

Cut flower tulips

Tel: 01234 709099

Brighter Blooms

Our display will consist of 12 varieties of Zantedeschia hybrids (calla lilies), grown in containers, and set out in an inspiring patio scene.

Tel: 07884 430732

Brookfield Plants

Hostas displayed in 'family' groups with an emphasis on the Halcyon family, which are available in a wide range of colours but all with an attractive blue background and thick leaves, which resist slug damage.

Tel: 01233 624934

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C & K Jones

Tel: 01829 740663

Cannifer Ltd

Tel: 01252 514421

Chris Cooke

Tel: 07732 688783

Chrysanthemums Direct


Tel: 08000 467443

Cook's Garden Centre


Tel: 01299 826169

Craig House Cacti

A wide and varied selection of cacti and other succulents from around the world.

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D'Arcy & Everest

Inspirational rock gardens including a self-contained alpine garden set in a 1-metre diameter handmade bowl.

Tel: 01480 497672

Derbyshire Bonsai

Bonsai trees & Japanese maples

Tel: 01246 563800

Desert To Jungle

We are exhibiting a shady exotic garden containing large tree ferns, Pseudopanax, wollemi pine and bamboo with lower planting of ferns and other exotic woodland plants. Our second planting area is made up of large-leaved exotics with bananas, cannas, gingers, Gunnera, Tetrapanax, and Colocasia predominating to provide a jungle-like environment with the odd splash of hot coloured flowers.

Tel: 01823 443701

Dibleys Nurseries

Streptocarpus, begonias & other houseplants

Tel: 01978 790677

Drointon Nurseries

Tel: 01765 641849

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East of Eden Nursery

Tel: 01768 896604

Eversley Nursery

Tel: 01772 812538

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Tel: 01379 678197

Fibrex Nurseries Ltd

Display of all types of pelargoniums

Tel: 01789 720788

Floyds Climbers & Clematis

Clematis & climbers

Tel: 01249 823200

Fuchsiavale Nurseries

Tel: 01299 251162

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Grafton Nursery

Tel: 01905 888098

Green Jjam Nurseries

We are a family business specialising in Penstemon and white-flowering and white-enhancing plants. The white nursery is a new venture for us and an area we hope to expand as we increase our specialist white plants. We are exhibiting flowering penstemon and complementary perennials with spring colour. It will be set out as a garden with a small seating area.

Tel: 01386 49564

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H. W. Hyde & Son


Tel: 0118 9340011

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants from around the world

Tel: 07703 258296

Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants

Perennial plants

Tel: 01256 896533

Hare Spring Cottage Plants

National Collection holder of Camassia. An independant family-run hardy plant nursery specialising in Camassia, Sidalcea, Uvularia and a range of hardy perennials. We are exhibiting an educational display of Camassia from our National Collection with the emphasis on history, propagation, cultivation, soil, and pests and diseases. Bulbs in various stages of growth provide an informative exhibit of the life cycle of the genus.

Tel: 07792 376805

Harkness Roses


Tel: 01462 420402

Hartside Nursery Garden

We are displaying a range of woodland plants in a natural setting among moss, tree stumps and logs. Erythroniums, fritillarias from Kamchatka and Alaska, trilliums and lvularias, Asiatic and European primulas, small growing ferns, hostas and dwarf shrubs including miniature willows and rowan trees. We are including British native plants such as a dwarf Cornus and small ericaceous shrubs.

Tel: 01434 381372

Hayloft Plants Ltd

Grasses, Perennial Plants

Tel: 01386 554440

High Park Nursery

A display of carnations

Tel: 01704 213176

Hippopottering Nursery

Tel: 07979 764677

Hooksgreen Herbs

A circular display featuring a collection of seasonal herbs displayed as specimen plants in pots. Unusual herbs such as Szechuan pepper, the beautiful pink flowering Australian mint bush and the recently introduced variegated grapefruit mint. The varieties of rosemary, which are flowering and looking good provide a good opportunity for visitors to compare the different types, upright and prostrate.

Tel: 07977 883810

Hoyland Plant Centre

Agapanthus, Amarine, Nerine & Tulbaghia

Tel: 01226 744466

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John Cullen Gardens Ltd

Clematis, Hedera, hyacinths, lavender

Tel: 01205 460567

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K Partington

Alpines & rock garden plants

Tel: 07971 349288

Kelnan Plants

Restios & other South African flora

Tel: 01736 364311

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Lockyer Fuchsias

Display of fuchsias including hardy, tender, trailing, variegated and species varieties ?

Tel: 01454 772219

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Mandy Plants

Perennial plants, tropical & sub tropical plants

Tel: 01328 878144

Mendip Bonsai Studio

Display of mature bonsai

Tel: 01749 344274

Mickfield Hostas

We are a second generation family business specialising in Hosta. We hold the largest Plant Heritage National Collection of the genus and will be celebrating our 10th anniversary of NCH status in 2017. The collection was established in 1976 and we celebrated our 40th anniversary of collecting in 2016 with Lindley displays across all shows at which we exhibited. We were awarded Gold medals for each display. The display features a strong design of educational materials, illustrated with appropriate plants. We show how you can easily mitigate pest damage with a little understanding and a strong focus on working with nature.

Tel: 01449 711576

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National Collection of Pelargoniums

A cross-section of plants from the National Collection

Tel: 01789 720788

Newent Plant Centre

Tel: 01531 670121

Norfield Nurseries Ltd


Tel: 01753 654170

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Oska Copperfield Nurseries

Chrysanthemum cut flower display on stands

Tel: 01162 675343

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Palms Exotics Ltd

Palm trees, agaves, dasylirion & yacca plants

Tel: 07809 123164

Pheasant Acre Plants

Plants grown from bulbs, corns & tubers

Tel: 01656 664086


We specialise in Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella and hold all three National Collections. We are passionate about growing our own and promoting British-grown plants. We will feature a wide range of modern and historic cultivars from our National Collections of Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella. Our display at Malvern is a cornucopia of colourful foliage and flowers shown in a garden setting.

Tel: 01270 820335


Exotic plants from around the world.

Tel: 01892 785599

Potash Nursery

We are a family-run nursery, based in rural Suffolk. We grow all our plants from cuttings taken on the nursery and only use peat-free composts. Visitors can expect to see an exciting mix of scented leaf pelargoniums displayed in a traditional bank format. Visitors will be able to touch and smell the different types of foliage.

Tel: 01449 781671

Primrose Bank

Sculpture in the perennial border

Tel: 01759 380220

Primrose Hall Nursery at Dingley Dell

Paeonia & Alstroemeria

Tel: 01525 878924

Priorswood Clematis

Clematis and climbers in a palette of harmonious colours for the garden border or container.

Tel: 01920 461543

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Roualeyn Fuchsias


Tel: 01492 640548

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Southfield Nurseries

Cacti & succulents

Tel: 01778 570168

Staddon Farm Nurseries

National Collection of Primula sieboldii exhibited in an edge of woodland setting.

Tel: 01409-259467

Straight Mile Nursery Gardens

Tel: 01277 374439

Strete Gate Camellias

Creating a garden scene using camellias

Tel: 01803 770710

Summerdale Garden Nursery

Our display promotes the Primula genus and shows the wide range of species and their cultivars available that are suited to a range of conditions from alpine to bog. Unusual plants also on display in a naturalistic setting.

Tel: 01539 567210

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Tale Valley Nursery

Tel: 01884 277614

The Botanic Nursery

The Tree Peony Company

Tree peonies

Tel: 01944 758280

Tinnisburn Plants

A celebration of spring with lots of moisture-loving and woodland perennials in a very naturalistic setting. All of the plants in the display will be truly hardy perennials.

Tel: 01387 371453

Tynings Climbers

Hardy & tender climbers

Tel: 07812 134849

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W&S Lockyer

Perennial plants

Tel: 0208 6601336

Wack's Wicked Plants

We are a small nursery, based in North Yorkshire, specialising in hardy, easy-to-grow carnivorous plants. An early display of hardy carnivorous plants, such as flowering North American pitcher plants, venus flytraps, sundews and darlingtonias in a natural setting. At Malvern we are focussing on flowering sarracenias, possibly with companion plants, and Darlingtonia californica ?

Tel: 01944 758911

Westdale Nurseries

Bougainvilleas in a myriad of colours

Tel: 01225 863258

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