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RHS Malvern Spring Festival

11th - 14th May 2017 - 43 days to go!

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

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Spa Gardens
This year we have introduced a new show garden category, Spa Gardens.  These gardens give new and fledgling designers the platform to showcase their talents.  
Alongside designing and building a garden at RHS Malvern, one designer is given the once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase at Moscow Flower Show as part of a newly introduced exchange programme.
The over arching theme of the festival has taken inspiration from Malvern Spa's Victorian heyday as a fashionable health resort where day trippers descended to take advantage of the clean air and to enjoy the health giving waters amongst the beauty of the Malvern Hills.  Designers in this category are invited to re-imagine the 'live well' entertainment and pleasure garden experience from our heyday, these are contemporary takes on a spa resorts reinterpreted for a 21st century visitor.
We would like to thank Readyhedge for their support.
I Follow the Waters and the Wind by Annette Bains Stiller
Garden Sponsor: Market Gardens
Contractor: Michael Baines-Stiller
The garden appears to be floating. The undulating layers are evocative of Malvern Hill walking and flowing Spa waters. The theme is the poetry of nature and this can be felt as you walk the paths and hear the water and feel the wind. It's key is in demonstrating how nature changes through sound and the sense of movement within the garden. The garden is inspired by the poems of Ted Hughes and his book 'The Hawk in the Rain' in particular his poem 'Song'.
It culminates a theme of changing time in the line 'I follow the waters and the wind still'. The sponsor and I have worked together in 2016 at the New Forest and Hampshire County Show where we won gold. Here Ted Hughes was a shared passion and reflects our love of horticulture and nature.
Designed by Keith Browning
Garden Sposnor: David Pedrette
Contractor: David Pedrette
The visitor will be encouraged to consider shape, materials and structural form. To think and reflect from a different view point.Perplexed but inspired and to joyfully be influenced by appearance and colour. The theme of the garden is to reinforce the essence of water, essential for all life and plan growth . To glorify floral colours and well being. To awaken the inquiring mind to the source that sustains all of nature.
The garden is inspired by the strength of natural Jurassic rock form and the collaboration of everlasting floral colours The structure promotes how the sponsors expertise is specific in adapting engineering materials, to mimic the natural world. The size of the structure is to show natures dominance over man and promotes relaxation in connection with the setting.
Ocean Garden by Michel Damien
Contractor: Graham Free
This garden is inspired by art deco architecture in Miami the lines and curves reflect the water paths, it reflects an interest in architecture in elegant design and the fact that design styles comes back through years and decades.
The visitor will see a garden with original and smooth design, with strong plants scheme.
The key features are the lines and curves on the ground and the wall shapes, plus the plant colours scheme.
Molecular Garden by Denis Kalashnikov and Ekaterina Bolotova
Designing the garden, we considered each item as a whole and separately. Like every object consisting of molecules, the basic elements of the garden are divided into parts, whilst maintaining their individual functions. The items retain harmony, and get additional aesthetics.
Our garden is the enclosed zone of a spa area in a Russian resort. It is designed for guests to relax in after spa treatments.
The enclosed garden allows guests to enjoy nature in a peaceful atmosphere away from other guests. We want to convey the beauty of the hilly landscape at sunrise: a timber panel symbolizes the rising sun, and the curves of the hills influenced the silhouettes of the loungers.
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