Update on Langdale Wood

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20th August 2018

Statement Three Counties Agricultural Society

We are aware that there has been some confusion and upset surrounding the recent closure of Langdale Wood.  We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the reasons behind this closure and reveal some of the history behind the wood.

The Three Counties Agricultural Society owns woodlands on the eastern side of the B4208 which is used for Society activities. In 1975 a much larger area to the north of our existing ownership was purchased from the Ministry of Defence. This land was previously used by the M.O.D. as a personnel training area, was overgrown and heavily trenched. A programme of re-instatement and tree management was commenced and since that time this area has been transformed into an attractive, tree shaded, open area. It is the creation of much effort and expense by the Society.

The wood is a working asset of the Society and is used at various times in the year, to act as an extension to the camping and caravan amenities that support the venue hire and trades people that exhibit at the various shows. Over many years, and in agreement with the Forestry Commission tree felling and re-planting has taken place. During these times the wood is closed to the public as well as being closed to carry out essential maintenance work.

Considerable cost goes in to maintaining and operating the wood so the area is suitable to support the aforementioned events. The wood provides a unique facility and is a vital part of the Three Counties business.

Langdale Wood has supported events at the Three Counties Showground since 1975 when the woodland was purchased for this purpose.

The woodland has been used by Busfest and similar events since 1975. 

The Society is mindful of which events the woodland can support and their compatibility with the ecology, especially after recent in depth ecological reports.