North Herefordshire Mounted Games

22nd - 23rd May 2021

PPC Mounted Games involve teams of 4 or 5 riders competing in a series of relay-type races, moving equipment such as boxes, balls, flags, coins, letters, grooming kit and socks, while bending round poles, cones, tables, over stepping stones and through tyres, and getting on and off their ponies – sometimes at great speed!

The competition was conceived by HRH Prince Philip in 1957 and is based on Cavalry skills and techniques, and designed to be entertaining, visually engaging and enhance rider skills and teamwork. Only plain tack is allowed, such as snaffle bits and no whips or spurs.

The NHHPC provide year round weekday and weekend training for every age and ability, and encourage as many members as possible to join in the fun sessions to whatever level they wish.

The branch also hosts it’s own competition in June which attracts some top teams from across the country, and provides funding for the branch.

phone: 07854 198654

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